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​Satellite Services from INTELSAT

High Performance and efficient HTS Network

​Intelsat’s FlexMaritime delivers high-speed, reliable connectivity that powers business at sea. 

Always-on, global connectivity anywhere vessels travel.

The FlexMaritime service is specifically designed for global commercial maritime trade routes.

It seamlessly integrates multiple layers of High Throughput Satellite (HTS) spot beams with wide-beam capacity from Intelsat’s global satellite fleet to reinforce the HTS coverage, adding resiliency and redundancy to the network.

The service is available on antennae with dish sizes ranging from 45cm to 1m with both data-limited plans as well as all-you-can-eat.


As the foundational architects of satellite technology, Intelsat operates the largest, most advanced satellite fleet and connectivity infrastructure in the world. We apply our unparalleled expertise and global scale to reliably and seamlessly connect people, devices and networks in even the most challenging and remote locations. www.intelsat.com

Multi-layered HTS Network

FlexMaritime provides a cost-effective, highly reliable, and enterprise-grade solution for ship operators, without sacrificing speed and throughput – even in the most densely populated shipping lanes. Across the globe, FlexMaritime offers multiple layers of satellites, reducing or even eliminating service outages caused by vessel structures or land-based obstructions. Ship operators can also maintain connectivity, even when routes and bandwidth demand shift unexpectedly.

Guaranteed Availability and Coverage

Due to the size, breadth and redundancy of the Intelsat fleet, even in the event of a failure or security breach, ship owners and operators can be assured they will continue to receive connectivity. New satellites, capabilities and coverage are continually added to the FlexMaritime network. This provides ship owners and operators with a uniquely flexible platform that can serve their needs for years to come.

Scalable and accessable

As requirements change over time, solutions that are compatible with existing and future technologies are critical for scalability. Intelsat has tested and qualified over 30 Ku-band antennas for FlexMaritime, so new customers can readily be brought onto the network. Additionally, with FlexMaritime’s open architecture, ship owners and operators can take advantage of new technology advancements and satellite innovations as they become available without the need to retrofit or replace current technology.

If you need a high performance, global connection, Intelsat FlexMaritime could very well be a great choice.

We will be pleased to discuss further so we can determine if this is right for you.

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