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About us

In 2004 Seasat A/S supplied and installed the very first 1m maritime VSAT antenna (a SeaTel 4203) in Europe for the Royal Danish Navy. ​

Since then we have been deeply involved with maritime satellite communication and TV.

Seasat A/S is a specialist company within Maritime Satellite communication. 

We focus on the satellite link to the vessel and this alone. This means that we rarely get involved with the on-vessel network and IT setup or have a suite of so-called value adding services.

We have chosen to do so because we believe it takes razor-sharp focus to maintain expertise in maritime satcom and because it is important to us to that our customers trust that our advice is based on what is best for them and not a potential to sell other services and products. 

There are others that are really good at these solutions, and we will gladly work with them.

We see ourselves as an independent advisor & supplier. We have direct partnerships with several satellite operators and antenna manufactorers. We carefully select who we partner with and work with those we believe are best suited for our customers and markets.

If we do not have the right solution for you, we will tell you.

Who we work with is not set in stone and we stay updated on which solutions are available in the market and on the horizon.

Because we are not tied to one specific satellite operator or antenna manufacturer, we don’t have to make a solution fit the customer. Instead, we can offer the solution that is right for each specific vessel.

We see our role in our relationships with customers as more of an advisor. We can help explain what is possible, what is needed and what is coming. 

We work to earn and keep our customers’ trust. This requires transparency and clear, honest dialogue not just in the initial sales process but on an ongoing basis.

Seasat A/S​

CVR: 27004784

Theilgaards Torv 4​

DK-4600 Køge

Telefon: +45 4494 5406
​E-mail: info@seasat.dk​