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Starlink Maritime

Starlink's maritime service offers global coverage with up to 350 Mbps at sea.
It is the world's largest satellite constellation with thousands of satellites in Low Earth Orbit (LEO), where the satellites rotate around the globe in a height of 500-600 Km. This enables delivery of high speed and low latency to users all over the globe.​

The revolutionary satellites and ground-breaking antenna technology brings speed and bandwidth to sea, like never seen before.
If you are curios about what Starlink has to offer and would like to know more about possibilities, limitations, prices and terms, you are welcome to book a meeting with us right here:

Choose subscriptions based on data-use

With Starlink you are not met with loads of options to choose from. Everyone gets the same speed and you choose your subscription based on how much data you expect to use per month. There are currently three plans to choose from: 

50 GB

Data included per month​

1000 GB

Data included per month

5000 GB

Data included per month

Choosing the antenna is simple - there is only one!

​There is currently only one antenna approved for mobile maritime use: "Starlink Flat High Performance". 

It comes with nearly all you need for a complete installation. All you need is a mount and place it with a clear view to the sky, connect it to the ship's network and it's online!

Supplied in cooperation with ANUVU

To ensure a professional, flexible and future-proof delivery and service, Seasat delivers Starlink hardware and service in cooperation with our close partner Anuvu. This partnership ensures that we can offer Starlink with the queslity in service, support and handling our customers expect.

What do you need to be aware of?

Even though the antenna and plans are simple, there are several things you should be aware of, when considering Starlink:

  1. Handling the data-usage.
    ​All Starlink plans have a data-cap. If you use more data than allocated, the system will either close down or you will be billed for overage. It is important to have clear plan for how to monitor and manage and possibly limit traffic.
  2. Handling multiple WAN sources.
    We typically install Starlink on vessels that already have other forms of communication, such as VSAT and 4G. It is necessary to have equipment in place to handle these different inputs and preferably control them intelligently, so the ​combined connection is optimized. This is typically done by an SD-WAN solution.
  3. Consider your need for backup or supplement connections.
    Starlink offers no SLA or guarantees on performance, bandwidth, uptime, pricing or terms. It's a take-it-or-leave-it solution and Starlink reserves the right to change everything with short or no notice.
    ​This should be considered when vessels are increasingly more connected and ship optimization and business tools require an internet connection.
    ​It means that a vessel's Satcom/4G connection is becomming increasingly critical infrastructure. If this is the case, you should carefully consider your options for backup and supplements to a Starlink connection.

​If you are still curious, you are welcome to book a meeting with us here: 

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